We design beautiful timeless pieces
that will live in your closet forever

Daisy & Saleem is based on perfectly made
basic classic cuts, in high quality fabrics and finish,
that come in original prints you will not find anywhere else

We understand that a good design is not over designed
and we create wearable fun pieces that are ideal for travel
and can be taken through all seasons, day and night

Sustainability at a different angle 

Trends are there to make us want to buy things more frequently.
At Daisy and Saleem, we believe that a good item is one
that is relevant for many years to come - a piece you'd want
to wear in 5 years and your daughter would want to wear one day

Therefore, our design process is slow and not led by any trending forecasts.
‘Colors of season’? Not here. We choose color palettes that will always be relevant.